Aruna Sairam – 1 – kalyANa rAmA – hamsanAdam – mArgazhi mahA utsavam 2008

Song: kalyANa rAmA rAgam: hamsanAdam tALam: Composer: Oothukkadu Venkatasubbaiyyar Language: Sanskrit Concert: mArgazhi mahA utsavam 2008 Violin: HNBhaskar Mridangam: J.Vaidyanathan Ghatam: Karthik (courtesy: ) pallavi kalyANarAma raghurAma rAma kanaka makuTa marakata maNi lOla hAra dasharatha bAla sItA anupallavi mallikAdi sugandha maya nava mAlikAdi shObhitagaLEna ulhAsa parishIlana cAmara ubhaya pArshvEna kuNDala kElana caraNam 1 Agata suravara munigaNa sajjana agaNita janakana ghOSita mangaLa rAghava raghurAma rAma janakajA ramaNa manOhara sItA caraNam 2 gautama vashISTa nArada tumburu kAshyapAdi munigaNa vara pUjita aupavAhya skanda dEsha alankrta haima simhAsanasthita sItA caraNam 3 bhAgadEya bahumAna sudhAya ubhatArpita dishi dishi rakSakavara mEgha vAhanaravAhanAdhinuta EkarAja mahArAja mamarAja
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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20 Responses to Aruna Sairam – 1 – kalyANa rAmA – hamsanAdam – mArgazhi mahA utsavam 2008

  1. dvraaghu says:

    @krithiga what do you mean by violin pramaadham ??

  2. sriramgirish says:

    OMG!!!! one awesome rendition. I was about to comment on the body language, but realized that when the nectar is flowing out of the whole performance, it just does not matter! lovely performance and amazing control on voice 🙂

  3. AshokBhatnagar007 says:

    Wow, what a control over raag!!!! It is very rare to see sargam in such a fashion; can only compared to that of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan! 3:30 – 5:15

  4. bergenses105 says:

    violin sooooper…and ofcourse singing is great..

  5. 3081989 says:

    enna energy…and swaras… playing too easily with her

  6. annaicharanam says:

    aruna amma i am gifted that i was at the period of great legends like M.S. , and u. what a voice expression and feeling. no words to express my joy of hearing ur concerts. maximum i dont miss. when i feel sad i hear this song of urs. my eyes roll down. great going. i pray god for all that u need to render ur service to the world of carnatic music………..

  7. pamritha says:

    She is a wonderful singer no doubt about it at all. Indeed, her love for the gods is evident in her facial expressions and beautiful sangatis. However, the only thing that distracts me during her performance is her hand movements… I know she is expressing her joy but it is frankly annoying for me… On the other hand, her voice and music is absolutely heavenly!

  8. parryotter123 says:

    @carnaticmusic89 Yes i totally agree…it is slipping….

  9. carnaticmusic89 says:

    I hope this comment is not mauled, because this is no offense to Aruna Sairam. I’m just commenting that the talam is slipping a lot during her swarams… she should watch out for that.

  10. srinivas5168 says:

    She prooving that she had an exceptional
    abilities to bring the total devotional affect out of her singing. Very rare music talent
    unparalell. I stand back wondering how she could sing in a language which is not appears to her mother tongue.That may be the reason sayin”music had no set bouneries” by humans.She prooved it convincingly.

  11. dhrupadfan says:

    This entire concert was magical. It is easy these days for artists to sound stale because of constant year round concerts. Not Aruna here…she was brilliant

  12. Sunthars12 says:

    srimathi aruna is one of the best artist ,who try to fullfill the ansirety of the audians,and has a high tone leval ,which match the seniors like mathurai somu;

  13. kvyoga says:

    y all these actions… diminishes the beauty of the song..

  14. sidchaivala says:


  15. haran5 says:

    A great performance. I always like to listen and watch, very captivative excellent performance

  16. shanthanukkumar says:


  17. kotn09 says:


  18. nagimutnuri says:

    Hats off to Aruna Sairam! Great, energetic and spirited singing!!

  19. Arvindh1987 says:

    Really a great performance. Aruna Sairam has got powerfull voice. Kudos to J. Vaidhyanathan n Ghatam Karthik. This is really an energetic team 🙂

  20. krithiga says:

    Violin Pramaadham. 🙂 Thanks!

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