Bhari Barjari Bete – Sweety nanna jodi

Baari Barjari Bete – Sweety nanna jodi, Illiyaraj’s music
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The kannada movie againg produced by Prakash raj and also directed by him.. a super hit in South..
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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11 Responses to Bhari Barjari Bete – Sweety nanna jodi

  1. murali1140 says:

    why only part of the song is played nanage tumba nirase ayttu

  2. hummerume says:

    awesome song! aa kaalad kannada haadugala majanee bere…
    am Lovin it!

  3. TheShreeharshatube says:

    excellent song. reminds me of the golden days of kannada film industry. thanks for uploading this beautiful song. namma shankru, ambi, jayamala…superb.

  4. hunasenahalli says:

    ambi,shankar nag,jaymala,akshata rao—along with illayraja’s score is a song par excellence….its high time that the present generation takes the kannada flag forward…

  5. pakkuinpakku says:

    no words to say, hatsoff ilayaraja, jai karnataka

  6. bunchi1976 says:

    no words to say abt the music of Raja its better to call him Ilaya maharaja. Movie ran coz his music.

  7. suripravi says:

    nimage ananta vandane

    SWEETY SWEETY Sirigannadiga

    What lovely and superb heart rendering music by Illayaraja

  8. contactnaveenmn says:

    super song !! Thank you.

  9. jejunostomy says:

    Right from my childhood I have loved this song and the awesome music and moreover the fantastic dance moves that you have bookmarked, the music composition is simply ecstatic, typical ilayaraja, I love this song. Hi samanitha my best regards to your appreciation for this fantastic song.

  10. saminatha says:

    the actual starts at 16 secs. in the first interlude the exciting phrasing will remind of beverly hills cop theme composed in 1983. this ilayaraja composition was out in 1981

  11. saminatha says:

    awesome tune & instrumentation!! like the visual moves and the dance moves from 2:08 to 2:18

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