kannada Breathless song – Onde usiranthe – Snehaloka –

anu prabhakar, ramkumar singing duet breathlessely.. listen till the end.. this song give shankar mahadevan a run for his money …..

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25 Responses to kannada Breathless song – Onde usiranthe – Snehaloka –

  1. kishorvivian says:

    @jabasong yes. its Balu & Chitra

  2. enne1231 says:

    hatts off to legend hamsalekha,the composer for giving such pleasant song…..

  3. fiery99 says:

    i can’t stop listening to this song…it’s my fav

  4. jabasong says:

    The female voice sounds like Chitra… and male voice like SP… Please clarify… I greatly appreciateif u answer to my msg… Thanks for this great upload…

  5. chethanbv says:

    HATS OFF “RAJESH SIR” UNDOUBTEDLY THE MOST PUREST VOICE IN THE WORLD………..”A LIVING LEGEND” Truly a big asset as a singer for our Country…..

  6. smartchap126 says:

    One of my fav’s………..simply superb

  7. vanilraj says:

    nice song.. both the singers r gifted..
    IMHO, sankar mahadevan is not making money just becoz of his breathless song, it just isn’t fair to compare these talents.. 🙂

  8. rajeshkrishnapaldar says:

    waav.. very nice song… this is one of my favorite track..
    Rajesh & Chitra…, .Anu Prabhakar & Ramkumar…, increased the beauty of this song..
    My great ful thanks to singers, music director, uploader of this vedio to “Youtube”, and all people who had put effort for this song.
    From: Rajesh Krishna… Mangalore, Konaje.

  9. CIDnSSluver says:

    beautiful song!!!

  10. shakiMiki says:

    Still loving this song.

  11. snbkind says:

    Beautiful song!!! Enjoyed listening…

  12. rajatssekhar says:

    i cannot understand a single word … but awesome song ..

  13. manjukammar says:

    nice song

  14. 1992lavanya says:

    hello!! gopuraju2001ster,iam lavanya ,can i know from which place r u ??

  15. 1992lavanya says:

    rajesh krishnan’s voice is incredible, but now he isint getting enough chance……hope he gets!!!……….iam luking forward for an albun of his….. hope he does 1…………i really want to listen more number of songs of his

  16. kanank13 says:

    incredible song. great picturization nad superb location.

  17. naveennagesh says:

    this is one of my fav, listening to it after a looooong time, @vikrammanagoli thanks mate!

  18. gopuraju2001ster says:

    I can’t understand kannada language. But this song is awesome.

  19. shakiMiki says:

    Bhavoh, you can see they take two. Just two in six and half minutes. Pretty good. Love this song though I don’t speak Kanadda. Heard it everywhere a few years ago in Karnataka.

  20. SugarKaneJuice says:

    See how he hugs at the end of video. Her boobs get pressed

  21. prathvi100 says:

    a very good song……..

  22. 1992lavanya says:

    it is ofcourse sung by chitra and rajesh krishnan…..i just luv his voice

  23. bhavoh says:

    sure its breathless at some point
    but they prob take many shots…eveyone takes them..

  24. bhavoh says:

    its when the singer just keeps singing w/o taking any breath..

  25. AksheeShadow says:

    well its incredible. I dunn understand a single word but I liked it. but I dunn ge the breathless part they r just holding their breaths for the chorus part.

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