Asala Nasri – Ya magnoon

Beautiful Arabic Song with Spanish inlfluence. Enjoy! Luv Jenn-


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25 Responses to Asala Nasri – Ya magnoon

  1. mayawarriorprincess says:

    @TheChinita2011 Pronunciation of lyrics: (Chorus)Ya magnoon mush ana layla/Wala bi nismit hawak al-layla/ Ayeznee A-ool bahibak lay/ Bahebak basi mush ayla / Sa-a tishkee lis-sama/ Sa-a tishkee lil-layl/ Lakin albee shaf al-wayl/ Yama shaf al-wayl ya magnoon (Repeat Chorus) Anta a-mil moshkila/ Ya-enee lissa mihtar/ Nasee ini albee iktar/ Aywa albee iktar ya magnoon/ (Repeat Chorus)

  2. TheQandina says:

    Realy miss this song…Great!!!

  3. Qowe1412Gaza says:

    @albaniancik but you have to know that it the word sounds wrong like the singer says it. it must “majnoon”, not the way she says

  4. ZahedsMusicAlbum says:

    Shoof il video clip lil fanan il jadeed Zahed Sultan 3ala youtube Zahed Sultan: Track 03: I Saw Her I Fell For Her: Debut Album “Hi Fear, Lo Love”

    Sajil 3ala mawqi3 “” wa i79al 3ala i’3NIYA MAJANIYA!!!! min awal album lil fanan Zahed Sultan “Hi Fear, Lo Love”

  5. muhammadriadi says:

    like this

  6. abadana says:


  7. TheChinita2011 says:

    kiero aprenderme esta cancion pueden enviarme como se pronuncia?

  8. TheChinita2011 says:

    kiero saber como se pronuncia esta cancion kiero aprendermela pero no se como

  9. fezesp says:

    akhoya biydob fiki o omiy bitid3ili rabina yhfadik ona bhibik

  10. ccdeville2020 says:

    Love her!!!

  11. Barzangi1 says:

    lieb kiss

  12. p3chango says:

    nose ke verga dice pero canta muy bn xDD

  13. Nouhaila407 says:

    Woooooww!! Its been ages!! Memoriesss!! Asala, you rock! <3

  14. sus123ist says:

    yiiiiiiiii shu amar ♥

  15. Horizon005 says:

    Oh so Good and old ! it’s bring me back 10 years , Love it !

  16. zoraidakabour says:

    ilove this song very beautiful and ilove asala is the best

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  20. 123maherali says:

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