banigondu elle ellide Dr.Rajkumar Aarti Premada Kanike

baanigondu elle ellide …… nin aasegelli kone ide.. ?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A song “Omme Ninnannu” from movie Galimathu, Laxmi is acted in that.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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50 Responses to banigondu elle ellide Dr.Rajkumar Aarti Premada Kanike

  1. bunchi1976 says:

    magnificent lyrics, awasome music, great expression

  2. anilhcs says:

    @basavegowda72 Avda? where did you get this info? source please…

  3. Harry20321 says:

    Very meaningfull words….. Hats off DR.Rajanna

  4. ipmadhu says:

    Very meaningful lyrics… Hats off to the writer and nicely sung by Dr. Rajkumar.

  5. ultimaz100 says:

    Amitabh Bachan is not even kind enough to quote Rajkumar’s name in his speech. Shame on Amitabh who seem to have forgotten the past. Amitabh also insulted Dr.Raj by not paying his last respect in person. When in fact, Dr.Rajkumar hiked up on his foot the Tirupathi hills when Amitabh was survived after Coolie accident in Bengalooru. What a great soul. Look at this PATHETIC AMITABH who just have forgotten everything.

  6. pkpoojary55 says:

    This is my fevourite song

  7. girish96636 says:

    Dr.Rajkumar is really great i dont have any other words and an awesome singer

  8. TheNagarajnn says:

    superb lyrics

    -Nagaraj A

  9. sexletmein says:


  10. sexletmein says:

    This Song is well Suited for Adolf Hitler… if u could have known this meaning then he couldnot have comited sucide in an bunker!!

    Mr Hilter sorry u did not know kannada

  11. SB654 says:

    ಯಾಕೆ ಎಲ್ಲರು . ಬೇರೆ ಭಾಷೆಯೆಲ್ಲಿ ಬರಿತಾರೆ….

    ಕನ್ನಡ ಬರೋದಿಲ್ಲ ಅಂದ್ರೆ , ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಏನು ಅವರ ಕೆಲಸ..

  12. PINKUICING says:

    MR BEAN! He looks like another version of mr bean! good

  13. MsGrace72 says:

    Beautiful words with such truth and meaning!! Outstanding!!

  14. meetraghuk says:

    hats off…

  15. pjoydeep555 says:


  16. hummerume says:

    @spmkannur good to know dude, am a kannadiga and i listen to good tamil songs too….. appreciate it!

  17. ultimaz100 says:

    Dr.Raj is the most under-recognized actor in India in spite of vast all-round natural talent. Only thing he lacked was the marketability. Marketing has been a generic issue with Kannada film industry any way.
    Dr.Raj should have acted in Hindi movies as well. His movies in the late 80’s/90’s produced under his home banner were just mediocre compared to the likes of Bangarada Manushya, Kasturi Nivasa, etc. He should have allowed the talented directors to exploit much more of his inherent talents.

  18. MrSoulhooligan says:

    taka a bow dr.rajkumar

  19. RajKamal002 says:

    One of my all time favorite songs of Dr. Raj.
    I have no words to describe this beautiful evergreen song.
    Thnaks vikram for uploading this great song.

  20. kalpadeepa says:


    Gowdre enu tindri?

  21. nandu2701 says:

    Such a meaningful song, what a great legends we had, Dr. Raj & Udayshankar , ofcourse the music director. I wish the kannada film industry gets back such legends…..we miss u.

  22. mappaji says:

    The best practical song for life and ever useful song for all of us. Great lyrics by Chi. Udayashankar and of course great voice by none other than Dr. Rajkumar.

  23. RangaRowdy says:

    Excellent song. Most of the time, when I hear this song, may be Chi Udayashankar has written this song to me. Each and every word is true reflection of my life so far. Hats off to Chi Uday

  24. spmkannur says:

    iam not a kannadigan but i love kannada songs

  25. MrRavindra98 says:

    Pleasant to listen and meaningful.

  26. amarys1 says:

    ee hadannu varnisalu sabdagale baruthilla.. one of the all time best on mine.. Hats off to Janaki amma.

  27. shilmb06 says:

    nice song

  28. alexvinpaul says:

    I dont think there is another female singer in the kannada film industry to match S janaki’s musical prowess!!!! What a voice OMG…….

  29. alexvinpaul says:

    Hats off!!! to the most versatile singer of our country……..the one and only S Janaki

  30. alexvinpaul says:

    Hats off!!! to the most versatile singer of our country…….the one and only S Janaki

  31. alexvinpaul says:

    Hats off!!!! to the most versatile singer of our country……..the one and only S Janaki

  32. alexvinpaul says:

    Hats off!!!! to the most versatile singer of our country……..the one and only S Janaki

  33. arunkbs says:

    yes one of the gems of Rajan-Nagendra, Chi.Udayashankar & S.Janaki. @vagabondvoyage08, here is the article which gives the full details… manigulabi wordpress com/2008/11/24/soorya/
    … too mesmerised with the awesome lyrics and tune. …thanks to Krishna for posting.

  34. manjuec037 says:

    “idu aakashavani dharawada kendra ideega chitrageetegalu , modalaneyadagi gaalimaathu chitrada geete haadiruvavaru gayaki S JANAKI” sangeeta Rajan Nagenra………. My childhood days

  35. alexvinpaul says:

    Listen how s janaki sings each sentence with a different tone and her voice modulation to suit the words….Only S janaki can do it…………..
    She deserves a national award for this song

  36. alexvinpaul says:

    s janaki is the greatest kannada female playback singer…………..

  37. alexvinpaul says:

    This song made me fall in love with kannada(Though am not a kannadiga). The one and only S janaki………………………Janakiamma rocks

  38. roshan496 says:

    @enkays2k RAJAN is still with us

  39. TheJegathi says:

    In Bangalore there are people speaking languages such as Kannada 31%, Tamil 27%, Telugu 17%, Malayalam 15%, other languages 10%.

    worldcityphotos org India IND-Bangalore

  40. shantharampaik says:

    I was so delightful while watching this. Lyrics are no nice, touched my heart

  41. enkays2k says:

    I dont see anybody is prasing Rajan Nagendra…The grestest GEM is produced by the Kannada Film Industry…I just cant stop listening to his songs…RAJAN NAGENDRA are OUT OF THIS WORLD…lets give the due credit to the great brothers…

  42. venuman1 says:

    claSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! song

  43. shiv932 says:

    I like she and udupikrishna. Thank u.

  44. mvkotekar says:

    Very nice song. Thanks for posting….. Lyrics is too good.

    Mahesh Kotekar

  45. noeljimmy2002 says:

    Super HAADU……..

  46. bidari835 says:

    wow… you look so beautiful laxmi….. will you marry me…i can see you singing it from your heart…

  47. talk2mca says:

    The writer is wrong (I think this article was written by Chandra shekhara Aluru way back in 80’s in Lankesh Patrike). Song is actually in praise of God.

  48. talk2mca says:

    Actually this song is in praise of God. Not the hero. Hero just imagines himself with heroine in the song.

  49. schopenhauersring says:

    Kannada cine music flowered into some beautiful numbers in the 70s and the 80s, and this was one of the better ones. Beautiful song, great singing, mellifluous all the way.

  50. KapriciousMind says:

    can you please post a link to that article if available online?! thanks

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