Pallavi Anupallavi – Hrudaya rangoli

Pallavi Anupallavi –
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25 Responses to Pallavi Anupallavi – Hrudaya rangoli

  1. enkeytube says:

    awesome instruments, the maestro signature everywhere

  2. enkeytube says:

    awesome instruments, the maestro signature everywhere

  3. enkeytube says:

    can someone translate pls

  4. archanagowda1 says:

    nice song………….super

  5. guru5600 says:

    hi, one of my favorite song

  6. kudhafiz786 says:

    Beautiful song

  7. brihas86 says:

    @suvilasa The singer is S.P.Shailaja. You confidently named the singer incorrectly.

  8. suvilasa says:

    @enkeytube : Who else can sing so melodiously other than S. Janaki. It is S. Janaki!

  9. enkeytube says:

    who is the singer ? any idea

  10. robaot2010 says:

    mani ratnam first film ilayaraja music in 1983 in kanaada .

  11. basavegowda72 says:

    @barathmohan – 1983

  12. 15rsvp says:

    excellent song!!! nice combination of mani ratnam,illayaraja,anil kapoor n is interesting to note that though it was anil’s n mani ratnam’s first movie, they were able to rope in an established actress like laxmi who probably was at the peak of her career…..probably being an artist she could recognise the hidden talent in these amatuers!!! or if anyone knows the reason pls do let me know.also the small boy here is the son of veteran kannada actor srinath of ‘besugae’ song fame!!

  13. raagsprelude says:

    Great Ilayaraaja song…. what a master piece….

  14. KoliManjaa says:

    @barathmohan Yes, Since there was tax excemption in Karnataka, Mani Rathnam and co went for a Kannada movie instead of tamil

  15. akhilabv1982 says:

    hi, can anybody send me the lyrics of this beautiful track? pls..

  16. gurucool2356 says:

    its a very good song with heart touching lyrics and music… one of my best songs ever…..

  17. anilrajbk says:

    i love this song……….

  18. ramukblr says:

    Not Krithika Desai. This is Kiran Vairale.

  19. sonu12318 says:

    it’s really amzing song i love very much…………my sincer thanks to the lyrices writter……and best composer…….and singer…………

  20. HailBG says:

    Fantastic song by Ilayaraja.

    I think it’s in Raag Patdeep or the Gowrimanohari ragam. Experts could confirm.

    Thanks for this.

  21. priyasagarpriya says:

    Superb song, meaningful lyrics, amazing……

  22. miiscenegrl says:

    raniobglli ygyu jijimopm

  23. sam00darwin says:

    nothing haunting in it madam 🙂

  24. Sirigannadiga says:

    Yes, you are correct. This is also one of Anil Kapoor’s and Krithika Desai’s (Maria in “O Maria O Maria” song from Sagar movie with Kamalahasan and Dimple) earliest movies.

  25. barathmohan says:

    Thx for the info…I suppose it was directed by mani ratnam???

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