Simhadriya Simha – Kalladare naanu Bellurina

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Aakasha deepavu neenu
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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13 Responses to Simhadriya Simha – Kalladare naanu Bellurina

  1. somu044 says:

    karnataka as been narrated clearly in d song

  2. balabarathi86 says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii bala

  3. zingthing15 says:

    RIP Simha!

  4. uzairiaco says:

    hats off sir…….. WE R MISS ING YOU !

  5. unkahee27 says:

    devare,, vishnu sir nammodige indhu illa andare nambalu aguthilla… avara aatmakke shanti sigali…. vishnu sir yendendigu amara….. kannadigara manasinalli avaru sada hasiraagi irutthare… we love you vishnu sir,,,,

  6. Sirigannadiga says:

    I came to US 16 years back, and hence my knowledge of new songs and movies is very bad! I dont know the names, songs, and cast of most of the new movies. My collection is mainly the old movies. I will try to upload the new ones, but I bet you can find them all at several places. rprs1983 (Prashanth) has a whooping 735 uploads, mainly new ones! He has done a tremendous job. He has uploaded songs from some of the latest movies. I still live in the old (but golden) era!

  7. pukka234 says:

    superb song dude, keep posting, dayvittu hosa chitrada haadugallannu post maadi sir

  8. Ottawakannadiga says:

    Aarthi, please return to the silver screen.. we miss you

  9. richvan273 says:

    Lovely !!was looking for this song for a long time .Thanks a million

  10. RamyaManja says:

    Thanks for the song,beautiful lyrics and a wonderful song,wish there was a video.

  11. chansug says:

    i wish there was video as well, but a very beautiful song without anyway

  12. timberstone1 says:

    Pavana Ganga 1977

  13. niruarun says:

    Thanks for posting such a wonderful song. What is the movie name?

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